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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 25 Incest/urinationIt was over a month before Jay was able to route himself back home to pick
Jodie and return him to the farm.It had really been a long haul and he was
ready for some rest as well as getting satisfied.
After parking his rig and removing his gear,he locked the cab,heading fro
the office.As he stepped inside Palmer waved him back to his room,telling
him to close the door as he came in."I see you've really been burning some rubber here Jay,keep that up and
there will be a raise coming your way."He said.smiling.
"Thanks,that wouldn't be hard to take."Jay said.
"You come for the boy did you?"
"Yeah,his dad wants him back before school starts,and thats not far away."Gonna hate to see the lad go,the boy has a fine ass,just like you at that
age."Palmer said,smiling once again.
"You been riding him a lot?"Jay asked.
"Every chance I got,he sure knows how to satisfy a man,sucks a mean cock
to,I hear he's sleeping with your mom and dad,kind a sanwiched huh,"He
said,laughing.Palmer had walked around behind Jay as he talked,sliding his hands down
under Jays shirt,teasing his nipples with his thumb and finger,piching them
now and then.
"You want to give your boss some of that ass boy?"
"You never change do you?"Jay said,laughing.
"Not when it come's to you Jay boy,I know how good that pussy of yours is."Palmer had unbuttoned Jay's shirt and was slipping it off his back as they
talked,then leaned over undooing his belt,zipping his pants open as he found
Jay's cock.
As school uniform loli tgp he squeezed his the cock he bent Jay's head back placing his mouth over
his,sucking Jay's tongue as he slid it in Palmers mouth.
The kissed like this awhile before Palmer lifted him up letting his pants
fall and Jay stepped out of them along with his shorts."On the desk boy,"Palmed said,breathing heavy from lust.
Jay moved things out of the jp bbs loli links way as he lay forward over the desk,watching as
Plamer retrieved some lube,greasing his cock before squirting some up Jay's
"Damm boy,that always was a pretty sight to see,that thing si as puckered as
it ever was."
Jay felt the head of Palmers cock slip between the cheeks of his ass,the
head touching his anus,spreading him open as the cock made it's way deep
inside his shit chute."Ahhh yes,damm!I like that,your one sweet bitch boy,you always was."He said
with a sigh.
Jay was working his ass muscle each time Plamer pulled his cock
back,squeezing it tight.
Palmer was laying forward on his back now,kissing his neck,his toungue
swabbing Jay's ears out as that big cock envaded his love hole.
Jay could see the dispatcher watching them,Palmer had forgot to pull the
blinds,but hell,the guy knew Plamer had been fucking him for years anyway.Jay smiled at him and crooked his finger for him to come on in,but the guy
shook his head,he was afraid of upsetting his boss,but Plamer seen him and
motioned him inside.
"Might as well get in on this man,he sucks a mean dick also."Palmer said.
The guy quickly freed his cock holding it out for Jay,hell,he had wanted him
to suck his cock or let him fuck him ever since Jay could remember.
He took the guys cock in his mouth teasing the head,licking it free of
precum,feeling Palmer ramming his ass harder now as he watched Jay suck the
guys cock.Plamer was holding Jay's shoulders now,pulling him back loli cp lolilta board with each thrust.
"Yeah boy,suck that dick,eat his meat baby,ah shit!"
Palmers talk was exciting the guy,Jay knew he would blow his load any second
Just as Plamer cried out,shooting his wad up Jay's male cunt,the guy filled
his mouth with warm cream,all most crying like a baby as he done so.As Palmer withdrew his cock from Jay's pussy,the guy stood in front holding
his cock,which was going limp now.
"Wash that stuff cp and lolitas galleries
down for him ass hole,what kind of dumb ass are you
anyway?"Palmer said.
The guy just looked at him dumbfounded,not knowing what he was talking
"Piss in his mouth dammit!Hell,he loves the stuff."Jay held his mouth open as the guy aimed his cock at the opening.It took
some time but he finally began to spurt his warm piss in Jay's
mouth,watching as Jay gulped it down.
When he was finished,Palmer took his turn filling Jay's belly with his
stream of piss.
Jay showered before heading for his folks ,feeling nude 14 yo lolitas much better now that he
had enjoyed some nice red meat,tasty cum and good warm piss.He was going to make the most of his week home,even the picture of his mom
laying in bed naked as she had done so many times before,stirred the lust in
Of course Jodies little tight ass was going to feel damm good also,he could
hardly wait.He had not cum while having sex with Palmer just for that
reason,he was saving it for family.When Jay walked in the house he could hear music coming from the kitchen and
headed that way.As he stood in the kitchen door he saw his mom putting
dishes away,she was wearing one of those night shirts with the tails,which
exposed most of her legs as she reach up high.
Jay had always admired his mom's thighs as well as her perfectly shaped
butt,even now it was causing a stiring in his groin."Anyone for breakfast?"He said watching his mom spin around.
"Jay!"She explained,"Oh sweetie it's nice to have you home."She cried,as she
threw her arms around his neck kissing him.
"Whoa!whoa!",He gasped,"let me catch my breath."
She shut him up by placing her mouth over his kissing him profoundly.
He wasn't surprised when her tongue slid betwen his lips,searching for his."Easy mom,easy."He said,laughing.
"I can't help it,I'm so happy to see you."She said.
"Where is everyone?"
"Your dad went down to the bar and Jodi is in his room."She said.
Jay walked to the door of his old room and opened it slowly,peeking japanese schoolgirl lolita pictures
Jody sat on the bed with his back to him,playing with some kind of a
electric toy.
Jay suck up behind him placing his hands over his eyes.
"Guess who tiger."He said."Joe?"
"Joe?What you mean Joe?"Jay said,laughing.
"Jay!Jay!,is it really you?Your home?"
"Yeah Tiger I'm home,you ready to see your dad and grandad?"
"Gosh yes,I think of them all the time."He said as Jay kissed him.
"Well in a few days we will be on the road."Jay said,"Now,let's go have some
breakfast."After eating,they sat around talking,every once in awhile Jay would gaze at
his mom as she sat with her legs wide apart,now and then getting a glimse of
her dark muff.
"Jody,why don't you run down to the bar and get your grandad."His free underage russian lolita
mom said.
"Ok,I'll be right back little lolita love nudes Jay,don't go way."He said as he ran out the door.His mom cleared the table then sat on the edge in front of him as she took
his head in her hands kissing him,swapping tounges as Jay hugged her around
the waist.
He no longer fretted over having sex with her,he accepted it as something
they both enjoyed.
She worked the bottom of her shirt up then slipped it over her head,showing
him her naked body.
Jay's cock was rock hard now as he placed his mouth between her thighs
kissing her wet pussy,tasting her sweet juices."Oh Jay,I've missed you baby,eat your mama sweetie,make her feel good,"She
Jay was doing just that,dipping his tongue between those wet pussy lips as
far as teen model lolita photos
he could,licking her enner walls before teasing her clit with the
She wrapped her legs around his head as she pressed it tightly to her
cunt,making guttal sounds as Jay ate her meat,sucking up her juice.
Then her ass was hunching as she whimpered,squirming her cheeks around on
the table,her body jerking now each time she climaxed.Jay was the only
person who could make her enjoy so many orgasms in a row.
Jay loved sucking her long clit but knew how tender it was so he let it
go,sucking up the remaing juice before licking her cunt clean.She stood,turned and lay forward on her belly,offering him her ass which she
knew he loved so well.
Jay instantly parted her cheeks,pressing his hungry mouth over her
hole,working to get his tongue inside eating his fill,finally
standing,guiding his cock to her hole and entered the warm depths of her
His hands were full of tit as he rammed his cock in and out like a piston,so
hot he knew he would not last long and didn't,shooting his wad up his mom's
lovely ass.
He wanted so much to suck his cum from her chute,but heard his dad and Jodie
His mom just had time enough to slip her night shirt over her head and stood
in front of the sink as they came in the room."Hi boy,when did you get in?"His dad said,as he kissed Jay on the mouth
patting him on the back.
"This morning,"Jay said,not saying just when.
"Good,we've missed you around here boy,good to have you home ain't it
babe?"His mom said it certainly was and smiled at Jay.They ate dinner later then played some monopoly for awhile before getting
ready for bed.His dad had drink several beers and along with what he had all
ready had at the bar,he was pretty well on the road.
Jay had watched as Jodie snuck beer from his dad all evening,and thought it
was funny that he was a little tippsy also.His mom said Jodie and him were to sleep in his old room and that it was
time they were all getting to bed.
Her and Jodie left for the bedrooms as Jay sat talking to his dad as he
finished his last beer.
His dad took the last swig as he stood up,standing in front of Jay.
"Go ahead boy,it's been a long time,I'll bet you love it as much as ever
huh."He said,smiling,as he head his limp cock near Jays mouth.Jay took it in his hand as he opened his mouth and waited for the warm gush
to fill it.
He never had to wait long before his dad filled his mouth with warm
piss,staggering a little as Jay drank till his dad's bladder was empty.
It was good and Jay loved every drop,he had became quite a piss freak in the
past few years.The two went to bed after that,Jodie was setting up waiting for Jay,naked as
a Jay bird on the bed.
"Did he have you drink it Jay?"He asked.
"Yeah,"Jay said,laughing,"How did you know?"
"Because,he always tells me to drink from him before going to bed."he
said,smiling."How about you,you need to piss to?"Jay asked.
"I've been saving it for you Jay,I know how you like to do that."Jodie said.
Jay had stripped off naked and kneeled taking Jodies's little cock in his
mouth,waiting for the young,warm boy piss to fill his mouth.
The boy must have been hurting because he pissed over a pint down Jay's
gullet.Afterwards they lay kissing before Jay ate the boys ass,tonging that
sweet,young hole till his jaws ached.
He then lubbed them both before gently sliding his cock inside Jodies tight
love hole.
As He slowly dipped his cock in and out of Jodies male cunt,he asked if they
had fucked him much.
"Yes,grandad,Joe,Ned and Mr Palmer had all fucked him on the same night,but
grandad fucked him the most,he said my ass was just like yours was at my age
"Well he should know Jodie,he's fucked me for years now.Did you know my
grandad used to fuck me to?"Yes,grandad told me,said his dad loved to put his thing in you when you were
"That he did Jodie,just like I enjoy putting mine in you."Jay said,speeding
up some now.
"Did you ever do it to your mom Jay?"
"Yes,why do you ask?
"I woke up one night when I slept between them and she was kissing me
calling my Jay,she was rubbing my dick to."Jodie said."Did you like it?"Jay asked.
"Yeah,I liked it a lot."
"Did she suck it for you?"
"Un-huh,and it felt really good to."
"Ah Jodie,I'm going to cum sugar,ah shit!,Aaaauughh!"
Jay's cream travled up his cock,spurting inside Jodies tight little boy ass.After sucking the boys ass for his cum,he sucked his hard little cock till
the boy moaned and he felt his body stiffen as he had an orgasm.
Much to his surprise Jodie shot cum in his mouth,he had not been able to do
that before.
"That was delious Jodie,when did you become able to cum?"
"About three weeks ago when Joe was sucking me,all of a sudden the cream
just shot from my dick."He said,smiling.Jay told him how proud he was of him holding him tight.
Then the two kissed as Jay held him in his arms,the two of them falling
Jay awoke about two in the morning and fucked the boy once again,he loved
that tight little hole.
They had a wondeful week together,a lot of fucking and sucking,keeping it
all in the family except for Palmer,but hell,he was the same as family,he
had fucked about all of them,even Jay's mom,Jay had watched them one
afternoon as Palmer took her in the kitchen,bent over the table,fucking her
dog fashion.It cp and lolitas galleries was Monday and Jodie and him were pulling out of the yard heading for
N.C.,Jodie was thrilled to be going home.
Jay fucked him twice on the way and sucked his dick for him both
times,enjoying his japanese schoolgirl lolita pictures young cream.which he found to be very tasty.
In no time they were driving up the lane to Jodies home.
He wondered how much they missed Jodies hot little ass...
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